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Learn how to sketch!

Sketch, when you travel, in an easy and relaxed way.


At the end of each tutorial post, share your thoughts about what you felt by doing the tutorial or other sketchers drawings.


Simply practice all the content from the comfort of your desk. Whenever you want and feel motivated. Each tutorial post will have a video, materials you need, and sometimes extra information, PDF, images, etc. so you can learn and accomplish successfully your sketches. 

Share Your Sketches

Add your sketch result after you practice with the tutorial. You will get my feedback (privately) and motivate other sketchers with your work.

10€ per month

  • Access to: 
  • Community
  • All Tutorials
  • Additional resources
  • Audio: Portuguese
  • Different Levels

Who is it for?

To illustrators, artists and anyone interested in learning how to sketch and telling stories.

No experience?

You will not need previous knowledge, but if you already know how to paint or draw will help you achieve a better result.

What materials you will need

By becoming a sketcher, you will have access to several tutorials in which I explain everything about the materials I advise.

Download Free “Sketching Guide”

  • Sketchbooks, watercolors, and brushes I recommend
  • Introduction to perspective with vanishing points
  • Create compositions with two different methods
  • Tips to draw, paint and finish your sketch