Portugal Bike & Sketch

180-day journey, fusing the art of sketching “in situ” with the intimacy of bike touring. The book unfolds more than 5,000 km, divided into 21 routes, including the Via Algarviana, Historical Villages, and the Atlantic Coast.

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World Sketching Tour

Luís Simões, Travel Sketcher

The project World Sketching Tour Started in 16 March of 2012 with one goal: show the bright side of this world through the form of sketches.

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1 - 10 September


Join this tour around Croatia, pearl of the Balkans, favored by a geography that provides it with an immense and spectacular coastline with great natural riches and its historic cities, which will provide a wide variety of experiences and artistic practices.

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Whether it’s the bustling streets of a city or the serene landscapes of nature, allow me to transform the world’s view into unique works of art. Book me to embark on a Sketch Tour and turn any travel into a gallery of memories!

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Let’s make your event unforgettable with the charm of live sketching! Imagine your moments coming alive on paper as I sketch them in real-time. Let’s create lasting memories together!

The Urban Sketching workshop is for everyone who likes, or would like to draw in a spontaneous and intuitive way. Knowing how to observe your surroundings, tell a story and capture the movement and momentum.

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In 2016 Anisa decided to join the World Sketching Tour and we travel to South America by bicycle. Here you can discover our bike tours since then!