Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour

Anisa Subekti and Luís Simões, making a loop through sustainable cycling routes across the country

We will start the tour on June 14, 2021, at Vila Real de Santo António. Then we will go to the Alentejo region via the Guadiana route. From there we will cycle through Mertola, Evora, Portalegre, Marvao, and Nisa before we cross to the Center of Portugal. Here we will do a bit of zigzag in the Zezere route and Historical villages through the Portugal mountain range. From there we also will do Valley Coa’s route up to the northeast of the country, Bragança.

We then will head to the Atlantic coast via Transmontana, Peneda-Geres, and The Rio Minho route that will end in Viana do Castelo where we join the Atlantic coast route down until Setubal. Here we will do the Vincentina route that goes until Lagos before we head back to Vila Real de Santo António via the Algarviana route.

We will do this Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour by E-Bike from BEEQ for approximately 3 months, avoiding main roads and stay in the backcountry and mountains as much as possible. Some of the stories we will share here, on Fugas Público, and CNN Indonesia.

Our Equipment

A long-distance cycling requires minimal but effective equipment.

248 km
10 days
With the pandemic which has not yet stabilized, we decided to do the Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour during summer 2021. We are very careful in choosing the path we…