The project started in March 2012, when Luís decided to travel the 5 continents. The uniqueness of this travel was to discover the world while sketching it. Since then he never stopped the search and the project got the enthusiasm of thousands of fans, press media attention around the world and international brand partnerships. Luís has traveled to Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America and is currently in Chile preparing his next tour in Africa.


Luís Simões

Has been more than 7 years around the world and sketching, and Luís wants to finish the World Sketching Tour project. His recent journey made him travel for 2 years on a bicycle to sketch South America. He also did public speaking and sketching workshops. Luís is now traveling and drawings in Africa.


Anisa Subekti

Joined the project in 2016, while she met Luis in Indonesia. Anisa traveled the last 2 years on her first-time tour on a bicycle in South America, without knowing anything. Soon enough, Anisa realised how passionate she is for new food, traveling and learn about cultures. Her mission is to support and document the journey in photos and videos and all sorts of logistics.