Daler Rowney Aquafine Travel Set (12 Half Pans)


Toronto, our first destination country, even if it was for one night.

Ready or not, here we go!

This is what we feel 24h before departure of a year on a bicycle tour in South America

Holidays in Portugal

Food, sweets, cold, family, friends, book, exhibitions, talks, sketching workshops, media... Yes coming back to Portugal has been amazing but busy!

2 weeks in Jakarta

Jakarta from a 2 weeks experience after living in Bali for 7 months is quite tough. Think and read twice before you choose to visit or live in this city.

After 4 years, 8 months, 14 days on the road, tomorrow I’m heading to Portugal for Christmas!

Tomorrow starts on of the most exciting travels of my life. My backpacks are not done yet but thats peanuts. The big news is I don’t need a visa for my next destination!

Should we travel and accept every rule with a smile on a face?

Every time we travel our rules are tested in many ways. Some are easy to understand, others are deeply hidden in the country culture.

The last 5 days after I told you about my settling life in Bali.

From settling in Bali to an unpredictable journey of the unknown. That's how things change when you travel with a open mind!

From a traveler life to a settled life in Bali

It has been a long time that I don't share much with you. This time, I talk about my life and what is the future for the World Sketching Tour.

The Struggle is the search. How to let go off what we feel?

The struggle of keeping running to another places, is a common stage on any long therm lonely traveller but how to to live with that?