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Barranquilla, Colombia

After meeting Jose Franco, Barranquilla was the first city that I felt the greatest contrast between rich and poor neighborhoods. Certain areas of the city are quite modern and the houses have a clean appearance that gives greater security to those who walk around. The shops themselves are expensive brands and the people who walk through these neighborhoods dress well. It was the first time that we also use Uber and, honestly, it felt so good to be inside an air conditioned car!

We toured thru the historical area of ​​Barranquilla, which was super agitated and always with immense people, however, nothing compared to what we experienced in Bogota. Although our host told us that Barranquilla was a trouble-free city, we took our small and old camera to do some photos and walk relaxed.

Barranquilla seems to be a city with a lot of population and a bit hectic to enjoy a walk or to have some peace to sit and draw. But well, here is a proof that you can do it! The heat is immense and is worth to try the fruit juices which are easy to find and taste fantastic!

Click to see the drawing I made of this church.

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