BEEQ C500 Trekking Electric Bike – Honest Review

BEEQ C500 Trekking



“Robust, built for all kinds of adventures”

BEEQ, is a brand of electric bikes for urban travellers and for those who want to have an adventure in any kind of terrain and weather conditions. The BEEQ C500 Trekking comes with a Shimano motor and combines the versatility of a trekking bike, with the ability to ride the same terrains as a gravel bike. It’s an all-terrain bike!

Although it’s not a perfect bike, overall they make it well worth taking a look at its construction. It should be said that this review was made, after we tested the BEEQ C500 Trekking eBike for three months of heavy use, while doing our Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour in the summer of 2021. It will not be an article of technical issues of the bike, but a sincere analysis based on our experiences.

How it rides

BEEQ C500 Trekking6
Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour – Summer 2021


After riding 2534 kms on all kinds of terrains, from smooth asphalt road, to gravel and rocky road, we never felt that the bike was unsafe or not very resistant. On the contrary, it always offered confidence and stability during the journey. We can say that the BEEQ C500 Trekking is a solid electric bike, the construction is robust and it is good for all kinds of adventures.


BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570620
SHIMANO Steps E5000 engine

The Shimano STEPS E5000 is a very quiet motor making it perfect for nature rides. However, what did not exceed our expectations was on long climbs of 10% or more (over 1 km), the motor slowed to a point where it was no longer helping. We had to stop, turn the engine off, and wait a while before turning it back on. We believe it may have been overheating and the weight we were carrying (+/- 40 kg), as we were travelling in summer.


BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570610
SHIMANO BT-E8010 Battery 418 Wh 36V – Semi-integrated – 50~150km Autonomy

When we started the journey on 14 June 2021, the battery range on level 3 (maximum) was 75 km (after being fully charged). As we travelled and recharged, the batteries decreased in range.

At the end of the trip, on 14 September 2021, Luis’s battery range at level 3 was 69 km, while Anisa’s battery range was 72 km, after being fully charged. With a simple mathematical calculation, we realised that the battery reduced 1 km of autonomy every 1000 km.

The battery consumption was always our main concern during the Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour, since the motor itself makes the pedal wheel heavier, making it very difficult to pedal on the steepest climbs.


BEEQ C500 Trekking
Continental Double Fighter ETRTO 50-622 tyres

The tyres performed beyond our expectations. We even had tyres of the same brand (Continental) but in a different model and they went bald quickly. With these tyres (Continental Double Fighter ETRTO 50-622), we covered more than 3000 km in mixed trails and until the moment that we write this article, they are in great condition.


BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570562
Cassette SHIMANO CS-HG201- 9speed – 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36

Overall, the cassette is good. For light commuting the gears are more than perfect. However, for travelling like we did, it would be better to have a bigger disc as we had to climb >20% inclines. Although the BEEQ C500 Trekking is a light eBike, the solution is not to have to push the bike, but to use the larger disc, to climb calmly.

Component Strength

BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570568
Union Ball Ring pedals with “anti-slip” and Reflectors

The pedals are not the most suitable for rainy days because, although they are non-slip, they can be slippery. The handles offer a good grip which helps with difficult manoeuvres. We also highlight that despite their lightness, they are resistant to the falls that the eBike suffered and did not break.

With use, we have noticed the racks being scraped by the saddlebags and the handlebar adapter changing colour due to the sun. However, they are still intact and we have never had any problems. That is the most important aspect.

What we like most

BEEQ C500 Trekking
Vila Real Santo António, Beginning and end of journey

We never thought we would enjoy travelling with an electric bike so much. The batteries helped us save energy to do what we love most: drawing, taking photos and, most importantly, enjoying the journey without getting exhausted.

What we would change

Although the BEEQ C500 Trekking offers a good product as is, we felt that there are small things that, for a long-duration trip, made sense to be improved.


It would be better if the intensity of the front and rear lights were adjustable, or had a flashing option. Sometimes, in cloudy weather or in transit, our presence would be more evident.

BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570535
AXA Blueline 30 with reflector

As our travel gear had a small case on the handlebar that covered the front lamp. The easiest solution would have been to extend the lamp cable and put it in the front holder. However, we were quite satisfied with the intensity of the light during our night rides.


BEEQ C500 Trekking
Frame C500 URBAN MOTION Hydroformed Aluminum

The frame of the BEEQ C500 Trekking is solid excellent for bike travel, however, it can be a little large. Anisa is 165 cm (5’5″) tall and was using the medium size, however, it felt a bit uncomfortable. If there was a smaller size it would be better.


BEEQ C500 TrekkingP1570577
SELLE ROYAL Essenza Moderate Black

The saddle could be more comfortable for consecutive long days on the road. Not having an opening in the middle makes the saddle very hot and uncomfortable after a while. Ultimately, adding a suspension to the saddle to withstand some of the hard bumps we had on the gravel roads would be a big plus.

Are you interested in trying it out?

Here you will find all the locations where you can test-drive a BEEQ e-Bike. Just select the location closest to you and check the availability in the calendar and voila, you’re done!

BEEQ C500 Trekking



The BEEQ C500 Trekking is an excellent eBike for a few days of adventure in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. It is ideal for those who like to travel and at the same time exercise without being exhausted at the end of the day.

It is an easy way to get used to cyclo-touring as it is very sturdy and maintenance free. During our Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour, we never had any problems. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to do some basic repairs like fixing a puncture or replacing an inner tube.

Finally, it is the ultimate solution for a couple with different physical rhythms but who love to travel together, just like us!

+ Solid construction
+ Durable
+ Quiet engine
+ Good tyres
+ Integrated lights
+ Good price

- Battery
- Could have more gears
- Limited sizes


5 / 5
5 / 5
3 / 5
5 / 5
3 / 5
3.5 / 5
Gear Plates
4 / 5
Spare Partes
4 / 5

About Us

Hi! We are Luis, passionate about urban sketching and Anisa, passionate about photography. They met in Bali, where they lived together and travel by bike all over the world. They enjoy sharing the road on wheels or chatting over food. Since they don’t know which is the best place to live, they go about living the world as if it were their home.

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