BEEQ M500 Wild

BEEQ M500 Wild Electric Bike – 2023 Review

Get ready to take your biking adventures to the next level with BEEQ M500 Wild eBike! Whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or just starting to explore the world of electric bikes, this model is perfect for you. With its Brose…


Daler Rowney Aquafine Travel Set (12 Half Pans)

Daler Rowney has put out a box of 12 mini-watercolours, with a small brush for those who like to sketch on their travels. If you’re like me and appreciate sturdy, lightweight and very easily storable gear, then you’ll really enjoy…


Essential travel apps

Let's talk about essential travel apps and how they can be really useful to travel around the world with our phones.


Toronto, our first destination country, even if it was for one night.
cover book 2017

Holidays in Portugal

Food, sweets, cold, family, friends, book, exhibitions, talks, sketching workshops, media... Yes coming back to Portugal has been amazing but busy!
jakarta intro

2 weeks in Jakarta

Jakarta from a 2 weeks experience after living in Bali for 7 months is quite tough. Think and read twice before you choose to visit or live in this city.
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Another you

Traveling made me selective. Made be appreciate this little moments. Made me tolerant. Made me feel without a reason and made me hear goodbye for a reason.

Who am I in this world?

We all have our destinations and something special to do in this world. And recently my stranger's friends called me "idealistic".
confort 1


Without even noticing, we quickly get used to comfort and to anything that won’t require much work. Specially if we’re within what I call a system.


The one who never dared to follow an impossible path, will never feel the difference of having done it.

One week to go!

It's being a long time that I don't write anything in english.

Visão Vida e Viagens

The cover of the next magazine "Visão Vida & Viagens" have my sketch from Lisboa, Rua da Bica! Inside will have all the information about the WST and sketches.

Where are you Luís? …in Morocco!

The idea was going to Morocco to draw an illustrated guide book. The thing went good but unfortunately, my trip in Morocco ended early that i was waiting for.

Merry Christmas folks!

Christmas Eve is always at my parents home. The dinner is the typical codfish with cabbage, olive oil and vinegar!

Urban Sketchers meeting at Bairro Alto

Yesterday I was at the Urban Sketchers meeting in Bairro Alto. Besides to the normal enthusiasm is to review the sketchers friends, there was someone who made ​​me an interesting proposal.

Travel Equipment

One of the basic concerns in the organization of the WST project is what I will take with me.

Draw in concerts

A few weeks ago I went into a bar in Lisbon to see a live concert of Monte Lunai.

Autumn has arrived

It's rain, some cold and nuts. Is called the fall and brings new colors!

WST website future plans?

This week, Mark Holmes, Canadian artist and also Urban Sketcher member, post this video on his blog.

Ivan Lucas

Since I started the WSK Project I've been searching for urban Sketchers in the world that want to share some time with me sketching

Jacek Krenz

"Urban sketching is not just about drawing a view"

North of Portugal, here I go!

Sketchers friends, soon I'll have to go north near Porto. All I can say for now is because I will have a meeting to talk about WST project, but soon I'll explain it.

Thoughts – Pensamentos

I confess that sometimes I like the result of watercolor and I hate others. This relationship is far from perfect marriage.

Mário Linhares

This is really a big project that can always growing along your travel

First Challenges

Some give me good expectations, some contacts are starting to happen and the waiting for an answer gives me the strength to fill my lungs.