Custom Art

Decorate your house or make an original gift. Transform a picture from a place, person or anything you love into an original handmade sketch.

Sizes & Prices

  • 30cm x 24cm – Price: €180
  • 29,7cm x 21cm – Price: €150
  • 24cm x 16cm – Price: €120

+ shipping costs (registered post)


Typically I will sketch with pen or pencil and paint with watercolor, or digital.


All the sketches will have my signature and it can also have a phrase of your choice.


I will use Watercolor 300 gms paper.


High quality digital sketches delivered with 300 dpi with the possibility of doing some changes.

Order Here

Attach the photo you want me to sketch


Once you order it, I will answer you about the sketch. I will start the sketch, after you make the payment. The whole process can take around a week of production and the shipment can take 3-7 business days.