I started out alone and ended up together in Asia. This continent gave me a second life that I never thought I would live. The religious diversity, incredible landscapes, unsearchable vocabularies and the people, make the Orient a second home for us.

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jakarta intro

2 weeks in Jakarta

Jakarta from a 2 weeks experience after living in Bali for 7 months is quite tough. Think and read twice before you choose to visit or live in this city.
usk meeting jakarta 1

Meeting the Urban sketchers in Jakarta

On my recent meeting with the Urban Sketchers from Jakarta, I had the chance to sketch the Muara Baru harbor. All my pictures available!
melaka 055 26882042213 o


Malaysia came without a plan and that made all the diference to enjoy it with a free spirit.
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From Mandalay to Hpa-An on a bus, walking, biking and hitchhiking in 28 days visa.
japan 2


Japan is prepared for good tourism. It’s rare to find places without tourists, since the Japanese travel a lot inside their own country.


Free Sketching Guide

  • Sketchbooks, watercolors and brushes I recommend
  • Introduction to perspective with vanishing points
  • Create compositions with two different methods
  • Tips to draw, paint and finish your sketch

English / Portuguese versions