Costa Nova, Portugal

Rabelo boat, Porto

Sunset Boat

Rio Chiqueda, Portugal

Baloiço, Curia, Portugal

Bussaco, Portugal

Postcards from Portugal

Porto, Portugal

World Sketching Tour – Europe

Alcobaça, Portugal

Aveiro, Portugal

Largo Porta Nova, Barcelos

São Pedro de Moel, Portugal

Torre dos Clérigos, Porto

Covão da Ametade, Portugal

Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal

Gondramaz, Miranda do Corvo, Portugal

Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisboa, Portugal

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Tours in Europe

Beira Interior


EuroVelo 1 – Northern Portugal


EuroVelo 1 – Costa Vicentina


EuroVelo 1 – Algarve


EuroVelo 1 – Porto to Lisbon, Portugal




Geres – Peneda


Alto Alentejo


Baixo Alentejo


Great Guadiana


Europe Destinations

Visite Santiago de Compostela, Spain: What to See and Sketch

The City of Santiago de Compostela is a perfect destination to draw to. Know the sketches and map with the top 10 places.

Bike and Sketch Foz do Arelho, Portugal

The neglected travel bugs inside us are satisfied by doing this quick tour along the 3D2N road in Portugal.

Ourem, Portugal

Ourem was one of the cute places I visit with Luís during our trip through the Center of Portugal. Yes, it has an important history behind it. Yes, it was a nice place...

Fatima Portugal

Different Perspectives of the Batalha Monastery

Traditional Portuguese charm – Tomar & Castle of Almourol

Peniche has more than Cabo Carvoeiro

The Medieval Village Óbidos


The first barrier was the language. Speaking Portuguese might help, but it doesn’t mean one will automatically be able to speak French.


I made my silent in memory of the massacre, while i was sketching and living those times.


I went to Finland from Lapland. The first impression wasn't so good because I was almost eaten by mosquitos!!

Lisbon, Bairro Alto

This weekend celebrates the second anniversary of Day of Bairro Alto. So I decided to go there and have some fun sketching those famous streets.

Lyon, France

My last day in france was passed in Lyon with a wonderful local company that show me the best of the city in one day.

Clermont-Ferrand, France, Day I

It was time to continue my journey and meet with my friend Natacha.