Merry Christmas folks!

Christmas Eve is always at my parents home. The dinner is the typical codfish with cabbage, olive oil and vinegar! Because I have a big family with a lot of young cousins, there is fun all the time. In the top is a part of them (from left to right): my brother Pedro, then my cousin Rita with santa reindeer horns and Nuno, my two other cousins Carla and Alexandre, my godfather José and the last one is my uncle Carlos.

Family portrait

On Christmas day we normally pass all day with family again, but this time is in my uncles house. At the end of the day I had done some portraits. In the top there is my goddaughter Inês and my grandmother Cândida, next is my father António and my uncle Carlos, my mother Glória and uncle Cecília and at the end is my cousin Joana.

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About Us

Hi! We are Luis, passionate about urban sketching and Anisa, passionate about photography. They met in Bali, where they lived together and travel by bike all over the world. They enjoy sharing the road on wheels or chatting over food. Since they don’t know which is the best place to live, they go about living the world as if it were their home.

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