…and so I go without any idea of what I want to visit and sketch in Malaysia.

The bus was about to leave in less than 5 minutes from Singapore to Malaysia and I was late. Very late. I run as fast as I could with my 28lt backpack, flip-flops and under the sweaty and sticky tropical weather. On my last turn to the road, I can still see the bus at the end of it. My next travel buddy is there waiting for me and telling the driver that I’m almost there…

I met Heanu, a sketcher fella from Seoul while he was traveling around Asia and also sketching by coincidence during my visit in Singapore. I came to see for the first time the Formula 1 race. The truth is I never enjoyed to see car races. The only fun I had with races was one time I went to a karting race for fun, many years ago. Plus it’s quite hard to sketch a car at that speed! Yet, since my friend gave me the tickets for free I should give a try.

Sweaty and catching my breath I finally reach the bus. Heanu celebrates it if it was a winning situation. And it was since my ticket would be gone with the bus if the have left!

And so I go without any idea of what I want to visit and sketch in Malaysia. Heanu didn’t have a big idea too but for some reason, we end up going to Melaka, KL, and Penang. Although it seems the most touristic places to visit in Malaysia, the truth is I wasn’t disappointed to spend my days in those places full of British colonial architecture and great food.

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Visited Places

  • Melaka
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang



“Nooo spicy pleease!!” …that was my request most of the times. Blessing food courts where I could choose a bit more plain food, which means no pepper or chilis. For the first time, I tried shaved ice for dessert… totally not a big fan. I prefer a REAL ice cream.


Travel around in Malaysia, from the little I tried was pretty easy and comfortable.


Living and sharing my time with a South Korean friend changed completely my perspective of loyalty and kindness. Although not everything was great, our backgrounds made us so different that we were pretty dysfunctional and rarely would want to do the same things. The trip instead was really smooth.

How much

Maybe the only thing that can be a bit more expensive are museums tickets and long ride buses. Overall is a great country to explore and sleep in very cool hostels in Penang.

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