France, Clermont-Ferrand, Day II

The morning was spent drawing with students and teachers. On the top is the Clermont-Ferrand cathedral. Here I found the first Urban Sketcher Marco Pallini Palmar. We share our draw of the cathedral and of course I ask about having me in his home town and have some time sketching. You can imagine the answer… A completely yes! Thats why I love meet sketchers they are always in the same mood, we feel like connected with them just from the beginning.

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In the afternoon we finally went to see the exposition “Carnet de Voyage”. My eyes were on fire with so many new people and great sketches. Then I met Lapin and Miguel Herranz. I must confess that I’m a big fan of Miguel’s sketches. Lapin was the portrait guy! Every time I went to his spot was crowded with people asking him for a draw. I did spend some time with them talking and in the middle who’s appeared from nothing on my right side?
Gérard Michel!! …My reaction was to hug him like I know him for ages! Actually I know his draws for along time but it was my first time with him. We had a little talk, laughed and shared some sketches. It’s impossible to feel indifferent about his humility and love sharing his sketches. He looks like a grandfather we all wanted to have and pass all day listening stories and see him sketching. Then I went to scandinavia area and there was Nina, Ea Ejersbo, Mattias Adolfsson and Olivier Kugler. Was nice to meet them for real and talk about WST project. Thanks guys we will soon see each other 🙂

The day has finished on a cafe Pascal with some Urban Sketchers: LapinJoaquinMiguel Herranz, NinaGérard answering the students questions of Mário Linhares, Sara e Pedro, about sketchbooks. Just take a look at their websites and you will find more about this.

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