Morocco, Rabat

Before I start writhing about Rabat, Its a must say some words about Asilah.
Its a small village were you can find a small Medina build by the Portuguese near the coast of ocean. It’s really clean village painted in tones of blue and white. I had a great time there sketching and accidentally I met two nice artists.

Jose Antonio Sencianes Ortega is a Spanish talented illustrator living in south of Spain. We didn’t have much time to talk but I will search him for sure when I pass by his place on my WST adventure! To him: Was really nice to meet you my friend and lets sketch together some day!
The other is a urban artist but I didn’t find yet any information of him in the web, but his work was great. He uses cement paper to sketch, tea water to mix with pure spice like saffron and also pure blue. He is doing this for around 14 years, he said. The funny part during the meeting was when he wanted to exchange their work for my sketchbook. When i said “i can’t because this is not for me, it’s for a guy make a guide book about Morocco” so he ask me to stay one month with him to draw a full sketchbook, with bed and food for free… well, I smile to him, we change contacts and I said “In future I will be here, and next time I’ll do that, I promise.” I feel like my day was “completed” in that time. Love to find new people with the same interests and discover how they live with drawing.

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Let’s move on!
On my way to Rabat I stop in a countryside called Had Rharbia. Here is a sketch page from there.
Had Rharbia

Here I have a lunch in a Moroccan family house. I can imagine how difficult a conversation can be when you don’t know Arab language and they just speak 7 words in French! Any way was really nice to be part of local people and meet the culture. Must say that it’s not allowed women lunching with us, you have to eat with your right, because the left one is to clean up yourself, and you must take off your shoes before you enter the room.


Finally Rabat, the capital!
The visit was quick to see a city that offers a lot. I would lost myself without a doubt
another couple of days to draw markets, streets, monuments …

Rabat 01

Rabat 02


  1. parabens por ter conseguido retratar meu pais e em particular minha cidade Rabat tao linda como é! Gostei imenso de cada desenho que compartilhaste e fiquei impressionada com a quantidade de aquarelas que fizeste em 2 semanas.

  2. Que imagens espectaculares!!! não necessitas mesmo de nenhuma máquina fotográfica, apesar de demorares mais tempo a registar o momento e a paisagem 🙂

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