World Sketching Tour in Europe

An 120 page 21×21 hard cover illustrated book of most sketches in Europe and all the story behind.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Original Idea

World Sketching Tour in Europe is a graphic novel by me, Luís Simões, a freelance illustrator and traveler sketcher creator from Lisbon, Portugal. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling and sketching the world and the goal of this crowdfunding is to collect the majority of the sketches I did and write the story of the journey into a beautiful hardcover book, along with new sketches and some merchandising!

World Sketching Tour in Europe


What is the World Sketching Tour?

It’s a journey started in March 2012 of a nomad – me – showing the bright side of the world in the form of sketches. As in all the adventures, there were many unforgettable moments that I got involved and become great stories.

You can read more about the project here.


The Book and What’s Inside

  • It will be a 120 page Hardcover book with a cloth bound spine and high quality heavy paper stock. Inside you’ll find:
  • A big selection of sketches I did during the year of 2012 and 2013 while I travelled in Europe
  • The storytelling, that I did in comic style to better explain how was the journey.
  • Maps of where I when, with places and tips.

The countries I will cover are: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Russia.

Preview pages 2 to 4 

Preview pages 3,4 & 5


The Goal and Why I Need Your Help:

Self-Publishing is hard and expensive, especially if you want to make a fancy high quality hardcover book. With this campaign I hope to cover all the expenses in producing a print run of 300 copies (or more in the off chance the campaign supersedes it’s goal) and to show my work to a wider audience.


Before checking out: please request the PDF of available pages.
First come, first served!

Risks & Challenges

Honestly, there aren’t many risks! The project is mostly finished (15 pages left to ink) and should be done by the end of jun 2021. If the campaign is successful the book will go to the printers in early July and should be ready to be shipped by beginning of August 2021.

Other Ways You Can Help

If there’s someone you know that might enjoy this project, please share it with them and spread the word on social media! Follow me on Instagram to keep updated.
 Thank you so much for reading this and  for your support!

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