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Visitar La Paz, Bolívia: O que Ver e Desenhar

Conheça aqui o nosso Top 3 lugares para visitar e desenhar em La Paz. Um pequeno roteiro de 2 a 3 dias para se orientar na gigantesca cidade.
ecuador see sketch

Travel Ecuador: best places to see and sketch – TOP 10

Although Ecuador is a small country, it’s such a great diverse country. This is our Top 10 of best places in Ecuador to see and sketch !

Cajamarca, Peru

It was a calm morning that we use to feel it. We felt safe immediately. It was very different compared to our experience when we were in northern Peruvian coast…
IMG 3596

The coast in the North of Peru, is it worthy to visit?

After we got spoiled by the generosity of Ecuadorian and breath the fresh air of Andes mountains for months, we were craving of beach that we didn’t have it for…
46 silvia scaled 1

Best places to visit & sketch in Colombia

After 4 months exploring we discovered that Colombia is actually worth to put in any destination bucket list. This is our list of our best 14 places!

La Cumbre, Colômbia

La Cumbre foi o lugar onde mais ficamos parados na Colômbia e foi também onde aprendemos mais.
medellin see sketch

Visit Medellin, what to see and sketch

Medellin was in fact known as a dangerous city. Even now, there are still some places that are better to avoid. However, we feel safe during our stay and Luís…

Entrerrios, Colombia

Entrerrios surprised us. We didn’t expect that this small town would be unforgettable.

On our way to Yarumal, Colombia

Have you ever had a day full of shits? Forgetting important things, acted clumsy or everything you did it just seems wrong? Or the opposite? Everything seems beautiful!

Tuchin, Colombia

After few weeks we enjoyed the Colombian coast, it’s time to heading the mountains. On the way, we stopped in a small town 7 km away from Tuchin which is…

Palenque – Colombia

The first impression of the village was rural areas and has strong resonances of African culture.

Cartagena, Colombia

It was six in the morning in Cartagena when I woke up. I looked out the window and saw the clear sky. I dressed and packed the “office” bag with…
Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena – Colombia

Many people said that Cartagena is a beautiful city in Bolivar, Colombia. And it is indeed. Personally, is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been.
Puerto Colombia

Puerto Colombia

Puerto Colombia it self is a small village in the shape of a square. It does not have much more than a cute little church and the beach. If it…
barranquilla original

Barranquilla, Colombia

How is to draw and travel in Barranquilla?
Santa Marta to San Antero

Cienaga – Colombia

Ciénaga was the place we found our second family in Colombia, after Bogotá, and all happened accidentally!
4colombia pt1

Santa Marta – Bahia Concha, Colombia

Even though Santa Marta is known as a popular destination on the Carribean coast, there are more interesting places to explore outside.
5colombia pt0 1

Bogota, Colombia

We decided to take a rest from the jet lag we had and stay for a few nights in Bogotá before we start the real thing in North Colombia.
03 bahia concha

Bahia Concha

A primeira noite na tenda em Bahia Concha, Colombia.
bogota 03

Bogotá, Colombia

Era o meu segundo dia em Bogotá e o meu amigo colombiano David Filipe, acompanhou-nos na primeira visita ao centro.

Toronto, Canada

Why 13 hours in Toronto, Canada was a really bad choice!





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