O livro Bolívia em PDF faz parte de uma colecção de livros electrónicos editados enquanto viajávamos na América do Sul. Não é um livro detalhado, mas sim uma compilação de desenhos com uma breve narrativa sobre a nossa viagem e reflexões na Bolívia. Tem…


186 km
6 days
Comfort zone Finally, after a month we wait for the replacement of our GPS, it came! During this waiting time, we spent it by traveled the eastern part of Bolivia by public transportation. Obviously, after a month we had a place that we could call home, yet, we had to (again) get out of our comfort zone wasn’t painless. But, you know, traveling by bicycle is how we choose and…
386 km
10 days
See you, Sajama! Our fourth chapter in this altiplano country was cycling to salt flats, Bolivia. It took us 11 days with one day off in Julo due to my monthly special. This route only had three small sections of tarred road: outside of the National Park, Sabaya village, and from Cholcani to Uyuni town. The majority was sandy and rippled with corrugated surface across the altiplano – it’s perfectly…
400 km
13 days
An unreal plan in a surreal place – Sur Lipez, Bolivia In this last chapter of Bolivia, we started with lots of considerations. We read many blogs and photos of cycling Sur Lipez, Bolivia and all of them look awesome! They made us envy and want to experience it ourselves. Yet, the cyclists’ tourers who did this route mostly have bike-packing style. This reason made us doubt if it will…