Who am I in this world?

At this point of my life, far away from my hearted family, the strangers I met wherever I am, are the only ones that connect into my feelings. This time of the year is a moment of wishes and promises but mostly we forget to realize them, focusing on what we wish instead, waiting for something glorious happen. Why do we wish something that we know we don’t want to do it? Where is the real reason to wish for?

We all have our destinations and something special to do in this world. And recently my stranger’s friends called me “idealistic”. A good way to know me is to be open and understand what people have to say about us. Instead of protecting me with walls and refuse the idea of being “idealistic”, I went to search what exactly means this word.

Adjective idealistic: characterised by idealism; unrealistically aiming for perfection.

I thought this could be the “ideal” year to give who I am in this world. Be able to see the perfection when everyone else ignores it and gives this perfection to the strangers that are searching for an ideal.

Happy new year 2014.

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Sobre Nós

Olá! Somos Luis, apaixonado por Urban Sketching e Anisa, por fotografia. Conhecemo-nos em Bali, onde vivemos juntos e agora viajamos de bicicleta por todo o mundo. Gostamos de partilhar a estrada sobre 2 rodas ou de conversar sobre comida. Como não sabem qual é o melhor lugar para viver, andam a viver o mundo como se fosse a sua casa.

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