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Puerto Colombia

Michael, our host in Barranquilla wanted to do the 16km trip with us to Puerto Colombia. We got up at 7 am and a friend of Michael joined us on the way. We went straight to the house where we would do CouchSurfing, for the second time, to drop off our bags and then go with them to explore the city.

Puerto Colombia is a small village in the shape of a square and it does not have much more than a nice little church and the beach. If it wasn’t a friend suggesting me to stay at Liliana’s house, I think Puerto Colombia did not enter in our route.

puerto colombia


The heat was so much that we went straight to the beach. We had lunch and then we did a short walk on the beach. Our friends returned to Barranquilla, leaving us to rest on the beach. Cycling gives us such tiredness that in less than 5 minutes we fall asleep under an umbrella. We awoke to the sound of the sea, our feet were buried in black sand and we refreshed ourselves with a divine fresh mango juice. I took the opportunity to do a little surf and after we returned home and spend the rest of the night living with our host and storyteller, Liliana.

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