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  • Namibia on Bicycles

    This eBook isn’t into detail, yet the highlight of Namibia that supports to sustain the journey. It’s included 56 pages with more than 40 original photos that Luis and I took, and more than 20 original sketches that Luis did through our journey in Namibia. We were in Namibia between September 2019 and November 2019.

  • Ecuador – South America by Bicycle

    Traveling is for us a constant lesson, otherwise we would call it “holidays”. On this line of thinking, crossing one country to another on a bicycle was totally something new and exciting to do. That is what we felt when we got in to Ecuador.

  • Colombia – A traveler’s book for travelers

    • 148 pages
    • 120 original photos
    • 80 original sketches and illustrations
  • Bolivia on Bicycles

    We entered Bolivia after traveling through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru by bicycle. It was our fourth country to travel this way and during those countries, we had made short stops. We would leave the bicycles in one place and continue by bus to explore other distant places. This gave us the feeling of rest from the bikes and, for me, the opportunity to sketch more often, since we did have to spend the day riding.

  • Little Girl, Mongolia

    • Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
    • Print on watercolor paper
    • Hand sign and caption with pencil
  • Santana, Madeira, Portugal


  • Sale!

    Torre de Belém, Lisboa, Portugal


  • Nyhavn canal, Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Stockholm, Sweden


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