Oceania – 2016

The most extensive island in the world has become too little. The only two places I’ve been were Sydney and Melbourne. I confess that I was in a very saturated phase of the tour and in need of comfort. Maybe it was the big leap from an economic Asia, easy to travel and little confrontations, to a totally opposite country, where the opinions, interests and tastes, are one of the ways of being Australians. After 3 years in the East, being able to draw again in a cool climate and with western food, was a tremendous feeling of being “almost” at home. The meetings with the Urban Sketchers of Sydney and Melbourne were two high moments of my passage through Australia and that gave me new artistic horizons. The small experience I had in this immense and promising country makes me want to come back with more desire to lose myself.

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Hi! I’m Luís Simões

An adventure travel sketcher, professional illustrator, and digital nomad.

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