Europe – 2012

After several small stops in Denmark, I enter Copenhagen by a bridge to lose sight of. A road over the sea. On the sides, the blue, dark and light end in infinity. A few boats lead the panorama. After ten minutes of a fantastic view, the price to pay is 350 kronas. I arrive in the capital on a wonderful summer day. Here I meet friends from the time of high school, that the internet brought us up to date with the news, but nothing that can replace a good hug.

They show me the city as they know it. Between monuments, squares, bridges, houses and people it is difficult to focus my attention on the various sensory appeals. Copenhagen captivates me by the colors, the steamed flags, the bicycles, the beautiful girls that offer me smiles, the parks, beaches and bars. For with 20 kronas, equivalent to 2 euros, you have a bike at your disposal to ride all that is corner in Copenhagen. A luxury. In the end, just leave it in one of several collection points and take the coin. Too simple and functional, but true.

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