Europe – 2012

The weather is cloudy and I’m accompanied by the umbrella. Ever since I entered the Netherlands I never know when I can draw in the street. I enter the city through one of the bridges overlooking the cathedral towers with dry green roofs. I follow the new area and the rain starts. Instantly I look for a place of shelter to draw. On my right hand side is a candy store, Bremen Bonbon Manufaktur. A place very visited by tourists and perfect to spend some time drawing. Not by tourists, but because it was under an arcade and there was no rain. I do not remember if I ever saw how they make candy, so I thought it was worth watching. The big windows are a temptation for the more curious ones who don’t hesitate to shoot a couple of pictures. “It must be hard to work and there’s always someone watching what you do,” I hear from a tourist. “If they’re like me, it’s probably the best part of their day.” I say.

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