Asia – 2016

When I came for the first time to Bali in February, it was impossible to be indifferent to the temples, incense smell, people smiles, attractive beaches and great scenes to sketch. Of course, there is chaos: taxi drivers trying to make business with the “new bees” in town. The traffic jam, with all the dust and motorbikes speeding everywhere… but life looked exciting here.

One important thing I also found fascinating is the sympathy between western and Asian lifestyle. It’s so easy to find non-spicy food …ha ha yeah it’s a big thing for me. But since I arrived, I felt that Bali had magic! Days in Bali were filled with a good vibe and they continued during my stay. Plus, and today I can tell it is a big plus, I met Anisa before I went to Australia.

I spend around 3 months traveling in Sydney, New Zealand, and Melbourne before I made the decision to settle in Bali. The life cost in Bali was affordable for all what I was looking for: rest from traveling, work on my book and explore my time with Anisa, plus its summer all year and an amazing place to surf. That’s why Bali, will always be a good choice I did to find again comfort!

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