China was a big experience as a traveler in many ways, that I only understood when I got in Japan. Time and relaxation made me touch the moments I’ve had passed in that contrasted country (china). Japan was perfect to grab my soul and comfort again. Maybe too much. I left Shanghai sick of my throat. We all know how polluted is that city right… On my arrival to Tokyo It got worst. 3 days on the bed and 2 times on hospital. Besides the pain, I was glad to be in Japan and with friends.

Is simple to travel there, if you definitely have money. It’s a country that it’s prepared for good and sometimes luxurious tourism. It’s rare to find places without tourists, since the Japanese travel a lot inside their own country. Anyway, there is space for everyone and respect for those, like me, don’t know the culture so well. Not even on the rush-hour a Japanese will push you or treat you bad. It’s a lesson of socialization.

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