Europe – 2013

The sun was hitting the buildings and changing their color. I walked around the center choosing what I wanted to sketch. As always, I start with a new leaf and write what I like the most. I create my own map of the city with my experiences, because, alone nobody waits for my notes. Musicians at the corner, they make an effort to show their talent. The abundant supply leads to auditory drunkenness. What could have some artistic quality, becomes just an entertainment product, uninhibited, not at all creative and with an expiration date defined by the sound of falling coins.

Riga keeps the picturesque with it. The shyness of speaking correct English. A part of the system, Russian inhabitants and churches. A coin outside the European community. A mutant language mixed with the past. A captivating simplicity that makes me want to come back with more time.

About Me

Hi! I’m Luís Simões

An adventure travel sketcher, professional illustrator, and digital nomad.

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