The wide nature of this country is something magnetizing and it definitely made me realize that I was also designed to live in the wild. Living the profound nomadic life was, no doubt, a simplified realization of my being. I stuck my feet in the earth and let them get the textures as I walked through the countryside, mountains and desert. The water I washed my face with was the same water that quenched my thirst and froze my body. I saw the raging rain approaching, the lightning tearing the horizon in half and, lying down, I counted the seconds until the thunder shook my chest. It felt good to sense nature and to have the notion of its strength. I woke up in a puddle of water after three hours under a thunderstorm, in an improvised tent. I stripped down straw, horse manure on a small hill, pealed pieces of dried tree and blew until the first flames broke the cold tones. The fire made me realize how to find comfort again.