“It’s a kind of trip through the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’!” …was the phrase I said the most when asked what New Zealand is like? Mountains and more mountains, cattle and more cattle, and people… nothing! Or almost nothing. This on the south island, because the north changes a bit – but not much. So travelling around these parts alone can be quite tedious or, in my case, it was a brave introspective trip. My drawings are practically the first times I have seen something that aroused my desire to have a memory in my sketchbook. Then, they were repetitions of several mountains, lakes, incredible views after a hike… and it’s not really the drawing style I like to do. So I did not sketch much. It was in this country that I met a couple traveling by bike and after 3 nights of socializing, I fell in love with the idea of one day do the same on the sketching world tour I was doing.