Europe – 2013

My entry into Russia began in St. Petersburg. I fell in love with the city and the girls’ short skirts. It’s unavoidable not to notice. The best thing about the city is undoubtedly to travel through the canals, to travel in Soviet time through the subway and to stay until sunset. I was lucky to meet people who helped me and of course, everything gets more simplified. But not everything was easy, most of the times I used the state services I lost some time to find out where I change the train tickets, or where is the station, accompanied by some unfriendly faces. However, these are delicious moments of conversation. I ask in English and the answer comes in Russian and if I ask twice, the answer is the same, it only changes to a higher tone. Making it clear that my problem is deafness and not the language.

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Hi! I’m Luís Simões

An adventure travel sketcher, professional illustrator, and digital nomad.

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