Spanish sketchers let’s sketch together

Finally the WST is about to start in 2 weeks and Spain is my first country!

Finally the WST is about to start in 2 weeks and Spain is my first country!
Here is the tour that I will do. Please keep in mind that It’s not a closed tour and can be change along the trip.

Vigo – Santiago Compostela – Ourense – Valladolid – Madrid – Toledo – Mérida Sevilla – Córdoba – Málaga – Granada – Almeria – Cartagena – Alicante – Valencia – Barcelona – Zaragosa – Pamplona – S. Sebastian

I will get to Vigo in 19th of March after that i will post future dates before i get there.
So please send me an email or reply here saying if there’s a couch available to sleep and have some good time sketching together 🙂



Luís Simões
Luís Simões

In 2012 I started a World Sketching Tour and since then, this has been my lifestyle. More intense, more for others, more open on how to look and judge. The tour made me get out of routines and safe places, which often leave me numb just seeing life go by slowly. Sketching has aroused my curiosity for “what will it be like on the other side of the mountain?”.

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  1. Excelente trabalho! Espero que consigas estar em Pamplona na altura das maravilhosas festas que enchem as ruas. E Barcelona tem o melhor São João de sempre! 🙂 muita força.

  2. Acho espetacular e impressionante quando alguém tem a coragem de conseguir pôr na pratica os seus sonhos… Deixando tudo para trás…
    Arriscar, simplesmente…que inveja!!! Além de que fazes um belo trabalho .

    Muita força, êxito e sorte….

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