Spanish sketchers let’s sketch together

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Finally the WST is about to start in 2 weeks and Spain is my first country!
Here is the tour that I will do. Please keep in mind that It’s not a closed tour and can be change along the trip.

Vigo – Santiago Compostela – Ourense – Valladolid – Madrid – Toledo – Mérida Sevilla – Córdoba – Málaga – Granada – Almeria – Cartagena – Alicante – Valencia – Barcelona – Zaragosa – Pamplona – S. Sebastian

I will get to Vigo in 19th of March after that i will post future dates before i get there.
So please send me an email or reply here saying if there’s a couch available to sleep and have some good time sketching together 🙂



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  1. Excelente trabalho! Espero que consigas estar em Pamplona na altura das maravilhosas festas que enchem as ruas. E Barcelona tem o melhor São João de sempre! 🙂 muita força.

  2. Acho espetacular e impressionante quando alguém tem a coragem de conseguir pôr na pratica os seus sonhos… Deixando tudo para trás…
    Arriscar, simplesmente…que inveja!!! Além de que fazes um belo trabalho .

    Muita força, êxito e sorte….

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