The last 5 days after I told you about my settling life in Bali.

Plans. What are they for if I prefer to search for new and unknown adventures?

If all goes well, today will be our last day in Bali before Christmas. Why? …you may ask, and I’ll give some clues so you understand our thoughts. Anisa and I felt something wasn’t right about some immediately answers we were about to give.

First Question:

My 6 months visa for Indonesia will end on the 28th of November, and should I do another run visa for 6 months?
Yes, was the answer.

Second Question:

Anisa, was about to accept a job in Bali that would throw her to a full time boring work, and God knows how bad are the salaries here. The reality is, If you don’t run your own business, chances are you will just work like a “slave”, to get 600$ per month. Should she take the job?
Yet, the answer was another yes.


But, really, how can we make the difference in the future of our life’s?

Those two situations just didn’t felt right for us. So we stopped, talked, and tried to find other options. We end up on this dreamland with hopes, fears and many “if’s”… but, somehow, we said together “if we never try, we never know” (a line that I picked up from a traveler friend from Germany, and ever since I use and Anisa picked up too).

We believed that to do what we love it’s not quite easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And we agreed in one thing: “slavery” and visa for 6 more months was out of the plans. And now you may ask:

So, what will you (crazy) guys do?

For now we can’t really tell what is in our heads. We prefer to do first and talk while we are in it. But there is something we can tell: today, 9th of November, is our last day in Bali, and here we go for the unknown, but knowing that we will try. While we are sitting on the plane (almost an hour delayed), the stewardess says on the speakers:

“And before we take off, lets pray for our safety, with our believes.”

…and of course we laugh to each other !
(and eventually we did it too)

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About Us

Hi! We are Luis, passionate about urban sketching and Anisa, passionate about photography. They met in Bali, where they lived together and travel by bike all over the world. They enjoy sharing the road on wheels or chatting over food. Since they don’t know which is the best place to live, they go about living the world as if it were their home.

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