North of Portugal, here I go!

Sketchers friends, soon I’ll have to go north near Porto. All I can say for now is because I will have a meeting to talk about WST project, but soon I’ll explain it. I don’t know for sure the days that will go, but I’m thinking to spend the weekend of 22/23 October. So, north Urban Sketchers, who wants to join me and have same cool days drawing?

Amigos sketchers, em breve vou ter que ir ao norte, para bem perto do Porto. Só posso adiantar para já que vou ter uma reunião para falar do projecto WST, em breve conto-vos. Ainda não tenho os dias certos, mas gostava de passar o fim-de-semana de 22/23 de Outubro para esses lados. Portanto, procuro por um abrigo e Urban Sketchers do norte para desenhar pois está claro! Quem quer alinhar?

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About Us

Hi! We are Luis, passionate about urban sketching and Anisa, passionate about photography. They met in Bali, where they lived together and travel by bike all over the world. They enjoy sharing the road on wheels or chatting over food. Since they don’t know which is the best place to live, they go about living the world as if it were their home.

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