Another you

Spending 9 months in one place (Hong Kong) after 2 years of backpacking made me experiment a big world inside of me. If there is a reason to explain all what happened to me since I came here, I feel the answer will be given after I leave this place. Eventually, the distance and the new wind of experiences will bring answers that only a lonely traveller pursuance.

Traveling taught me that smile without a reason when I’m sad, it’s not always a good answer to forgive what I’m feeling and let it go. The excuse of “more will come” can be as poisoned thought as a leftover food on bachelor fridge. That “more will come” will make the moment less significant and will spoil the future. So the answer is let’s feel it all now without any fears with a young heart. Let’s use this time to make the time of our life’s… so it is.

Before I know, I’m here with “another you”, enjoying this unique moment and letting you get in over my thin layer of protection.

“Don’t get to close otherwise I will leave you before you hurt me.” …I say.

“…Why?” asks the “another you”.

The reason is simple.

From the moment I hit the road again, a dot on this moment needs to be done. Because you won’t come with me, you will remain behind my new window that I have to open for new people, places and experiences. You will be another piece of memory of my travel book that used the same word “goodbye” after you got in. And this protection is also simple. The last thing a lonely traveller need is to feel more alone. If you want to say “goodbye”, say it before we climb this mountain.

Traveling made me selective. Made be appreciate this little moments. Tolerant. Feel without a reason and made me hear goodbye for a reason. Today, this is the reason I let “another you” go.

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