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I confess that sometimes I like the result of watercolor and I hate others. This relationship is far from perfect marriage.

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I confess that sometimes I like the result of watercolor and I hate others. This relationship is far from perfect marriage. Something tells me that it would be great to have someone giving me some “inputs” on this because alone i’m not on the wheels … and I’m sitting on a train!

Merely tests to see how it should apply more water and less ink. Didn’t find the best results to pick the colors and the amount of ink that it takes. Damn brain that is sending me to leave that …but watercolors will not win! I want to get better results even if it takes time!

6185329661 59b2da90bd bConfesso que se algumas vezes gosto do resultado da aguarela. Tenho outras que detesto. Esta relação está bem longe do casamento perfeito. Algo me diz que me dava imenso jeito ter alguém que desse umas “luzes” sobre a matéria, pois sozinho não estou a encarrilhar… e até estou num comboio!

Meros testes para ver como devia aplicar mais água e menos tinta. Ainda não atinei com as cores nem com a quantidade de tinta que a mesma leva. Maldito cérebro que me manda deixar as aguarelas de parte… mas não vai vencer! Demore o tempo que demorar quero chegar a melhores resultados!

Luís Simões
Luís Simões

In 2012 I started a World Sketching Tour and since then, this has been my lifestyle. More intense, more for others, more open on how to look and judge. The tour made me get out of routines and safe places, which often leave me numb just seeing life go by slowly. Sketching has aroused my curiosity for “what will it be like on the other side of the mountain?”.

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  1. Love your technique and your passion for drawing and composition shows through.
    I’m in Grahamstown South Africa, in the Eastern Cape. No one to draw with, but good sites, with mix of urban and rural, gardens, etc.
    Unfortunately I only speak English and a little German.
    If you can make your way to Grahamstown my husband and I have extra room to offer and can introduce you to our area of South Africa, maybe even a visit to an Elephant park not far from here.

    • Hi Patty!

      Really happy for your comment. Africa its gone a be my last continent, but i will keep you in my urban sketchers address and it will be a pleasure to meet you both! Really excited with all your explanation, and english is quit enough 🙂

      Thank you for your kind and keep showing up here!


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