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Minho Ecotrail

Where is Minho Region? Minho used to be a province of Portugal with its capital in the city of Braga. Nowadays, it’s divided districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo. The region known as Alto Minho is located in the…

Alto Alentejo

alto alentejo

The Alto Alentejo tour is an easy to intermediate tour that will be an enjoyable week for everyone, regardless of confidence or experience. Situated in the south of Portugal and meandering its way to open museums, the 213-kilometer enjoyable route…

Baixo Alentejo

Baixo Alentejo is situated in the south of Portugal and meandering its way to open museums, the 120-kilometer weekend route takes riders through a scenic and serene region. It boasts uniquely dark skies for stargazing, a wealth of grape-bearing vines,…

Great Guadiana

Great Guadiana route

With the pandemic which has not yet stabilized, we decided to do the Bike & Sketch Portugal Tour during summer 2021. We are very careful in choosing the path we will take before we start this journey. In addition, we…

Namibia Pt. 2 – Sossusvlei to Swakopmund

sossusvlei to swakopmund - Namibia

One bike touring course that is a must-do in Namibia undoubtedly is Sossuvlei to Swakopmund (or vice versa). It’s a 6-8 day bike touring route across Namib-Naukluft National Park that takes in a variety of terrain and landscapes. Together with…

Namibia Pt.1 – Windhoek to Sossusvlei

windhoek to sossusvlei

This tour – Cycling from Windhoek to Sossuvlei, Namibia, we shared for whose into challenge. A journey of 313 km long that is embarking from the capital city of Namibia, heads up on the tarred road of the C26, before…

Sur Lipez Bolivia

Cycling Sur Lipez Bolivia

An unreal plan in a surreal place – Sur Lipez Bolivia Cycling Route The Sur Lipez Bolivia Cycling Route, located in the southernmost region of Bolivia, is known to be the second most famous route among bike travelers to reach…

Sajama to Uyuni

cycling salar de uyuni, bolivia

See you Sajama, hello Salt Flats Uyuni! Our fourth chapter in this altiplano country was cycling to Salt Flats Uyuni, Bolivia. It took us 11 days with one day off in Julo due to my monthly special. This route only…

La Paz to Sajama

Cycling La Paz to Sajama, Bolivia

Comfort zone Finally, after a month we wait for the replacement of our GPS, we are ready to leave La Paz and to to Sajama, Bolivia. During this waiting time, we spent it by traveled the eastern part of Bolivia…

Tulcan to Quito

ecuador by bicycle

When was your first time cross a country by bicycle? We had our first-time experience in this route, Tulcan to Quito, Ecuador. A short stretch from the Colombia border until the capital of Ecuador, Quito. However, we took more than…


Free Sketching Guide

  • Sketchbooks, watercolors and brushes I recommend
  • Introduction to perspective with vanishing points
  • Create compositions with two different methods
  • Tips to draw, paint and finish your sketch

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