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One of the basic concerns in the organization of the WST project is what I will take with me.

One of the basic concerns in the organization of the WST project is what I will take with me. Because I go through places very hot and very cold, I chose clothes that can be dressed in layers. This means that you can dress them one above the other to get warm.
Here is a wish list of what I need for my long trip.
» Nevada 75 Lt – provided by Monte Campo
» Larouco 22 Lt – provided by Monte Campo

» 1 outdoor jacket Gore-tex;
» 1 external waterproof pants for harsh conditions;
» 1 first layer long sleeve shirt in polar tech
» 1 sweat-shirt comfortable and efficient;
» 4 cotton t-shirts;
» 2 trekking shirts comfortable and efficient;
» 2 light pants, one of them is convertible into shorts;
» 1 trunks shorts;
» 3 boxers;
» 4 pairs of socks for different use;
» Thermal underwear – shirt and pants;
» 1 beanie;

» 1 mountain boots Gore-tex;
» 1 tennis comfortable;
» 1 slippers;

Travel Accessories:
» Light sheet sleeping bag;
» 1 Headlamp;
» 1 ultralight, versatile and compact towel;
» 1 complete first aid kit;
» Little bags;
» Fishing line;
» Cutlery and a plastic cup;
» Compass;

» 1 computer
» 1 camera
» 1 iPhone
» 1 power adapter
» Chargers

…and off course, I will need some space for my sketchbooks, inks, pens and pencils to draw!

Luís Simões
Luís Simões

In 2012 I started a World Sketching Tour and since then, this has been my lifestyle. More intense, more for others, more open on how to look and judge. The tour made me get out of routines and safe places, which often leave me numb just seeing life go by slowly. Sketching has aroused my curiosity for “what will it be like on the other side of the mountain?”.

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