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Tuchin, Colombia

After few weeks we enjoyed the Colombian coast, it’s time to heading the mountains. On the way, we stopped in a small town 7 km away from Tuchin which is where the typical hat of Colombia has been made. Lucky us, we have a friend we met at Puerto Colombia that originally from Tuchin, John Mario. So, we stayed with his parent. When we arrived, we were welcomed by Jhon’s aunty. She told us that Jhon’s parents still working and she would cook for lunch for us.

While we were waiting in the hammock on the terrace, we saw green around us. There was a sapodilla tree in front of the house and some tamarind trees around. Even so, the weather still hot and humid. If Jhon’s aunty didn’t put the fan on the terrace, we would be wet from the sweat. There was a lake also in front of the house where the water resource for the house came from. We saw chickens went in and out the house. It’s a humble house indeed. There is no door in this house. Not even the bathroom. The only thing to cover the bathroom and the bedrooms are the curtains. Even so, they gave their best for both of us. They gave us a private room to sleep instead of letting us sleep in our tent in front of the house. After we had lunch, the family members came back home. We talked and get to know them. Jhon’s father and family really enjoying countryside life which is simple, calm, and less demand. Their activity during the daylight will be like going to the farm to feed the cows or fishes they have in a big pond on the back of the house. When they back home, their entertainment is a TV in the middle of the house. He also told us that if Jhon Mario didn’t get the scholarship, they couldn’t pay him to go to university like now. We also met Camilla (8), Jhon’s sister and Sofia (7), Jhon’s niece. They were so cute! Even though Anisa couldn’t speak Spanish, they would talk and play with her. Jhon’s father said that they are 100% indigenous Colombians. Luis thinks that Anisa could be native Colombian too because she has similar look with them except her Asiatic eyes. Jhon’s mom came back from work in the late afternoon. She is a local artist who makes sombrero vueltiao. It’s a Colombian traditional hat made out of cane. She showed us her sombrero’s bible. It content with the history, types of braids, and how to do the coloring. She told us a lot about the hat and she’s proud to be one of the artists since the sombrero vueltiao is one of the Colombian symbols.

Before we left on the next morning, we took a picture together with the family member. This experience, stayed at a Finca definitely will be unforgettable for both of us.

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