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Since I started the WSK Project I’ve been searching for urban Sketchers in the world that want to share some time with me sketching, and sometimes you can really get surprised in this research. Recently I talked with a Spanish guy called Iván Lucas. I found him in the Urban Sketchers Spain communities for some weeks ago. He have 30 years old, his a computer engineer and he likes drawing and traveling. He started the tour around the world this year in July, cross Thailand, Philippines, China, Tibet and Nepal, where he is right now. Besides in the beginning he tried to have everything planed, in this moment he feels like a true nomad. His way is simple: going with the flow. Get in the train station without a ticket and destination, just the backpack and let’s go! In a quick chat we have on Facebook I could feel this meaning on his words. Here is our chat:
Iván Lucas: When do u start your trip?
Luís Simões: I will start mine in February 2012

IL: It’s very close. I guess you’re really excited about the idea?
LS: yes, I’m counting the days

IL: I can imagine, my last months in Spain they’ve been really long

LS: Whats your tour plan?
IL: Improvising

LS: Sounds good!
IL: I arrive to a place, and I spend some time until I feel leaving and then I think about the next destination. I had a planning at the beginning but I don’t want a plan anymore.

LS: yes, I understand that. I think I will have a plane like that in Asia too. But I’ll start in Europe first and for that i have a route because its better to find urban sketchers

LS: you find information as you travel? or did you prepared that ?
IL: I know what you’re thinking now, because before starting my travel I wanted to have everything prepared, but finally I started without preparing anything and It’s the best feeling man!

LS: yes, i can imagine!
IL: Arrive to a train station, without a ticket, with your bag, without a destination. It’s scary at the first time, but It’s addictive!

LS: Like a really nomad!

Because life is sharing, if you want to contact Iván Lucas on his trip and have some days sketching with him, here is the contacts:


See you around Iván!

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