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“Urban sketching is not just about drawing a view;
the most pleasure is when we do it together with someone who share the same passion, with chatting, exchanging tips and ways to draw. It was like that when I met you between the participants of Viseu Sketch Crawl. I enjoyed a lot sketching with you sitting in a cafe facing The Cathedral.”

Jacek Krenz post on Facebook

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Since I met Jacek Krenz I want to write something about him. Everything happen without being planned.
I found him on Viseu Skecthcrawl and we shared sketchbooks right there.
His draws and watercolor painting had good technique, nice perspective, rhythm and really good light exposure.
We talk about almost everything you can talk when you met someone with the same passion for drawing. We also talked about World Sketching Tour, routes, plans, on “how can you live in other countries?”, etc. the “who you are?” and “What you do” things.
And that conversation was really nice to have because is one of the things I like more, that is to know more about his past!

Jacek Krenz is a Polish guy working in portugal for about 6 years like a school teacher.
Before that, on vacations he started doing urban sketches in Holland and become really popular drawing families houses.
He told me his experienced story of life out of his home country and traveling, and it couldn’t be more interesting to find out about his trips.
Something that made me realize his humility was when he was seeking to know how certain results were obtained and then he tried out to reach them.
That all makes sense when we feel that “you can always learn and make more”.
I regret not having shared more time with Jacek. Was just one day but it was really great day!
Now that we know each other I promised him that we will have more time to spend when I pass through Poland.

6197595412 7c8bc32fdd bMe and Jacek in one more nice moment here talking, drinking and sketching.

You can find more about his work here and if you want to know more just post a comment and I will reply.

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