Where are you Luís? …in Morocco!

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…is the question that I have heard more 🙂
A few weeks ago I wrote here about a proposal that i receive. The idea was going to Morocco to draw an illustrated guide book. The thing went good but unfortunately, my trip in Morocco ended early that i was waiting for.

Any way, I still have a great unfinished sketchbook about Morocco and in my next post I’ll show you them! Here is some photos I had put in my Facebook along the trip.

It can happen any where you just have to be in contact! I arranged a Mini sketchcrawll with 2 painter artists that I found in Marrakeche! “Ait Bouzid Said” his a famous Morocco painter, but at the moment he was doing portraits in the streets of Marrakech to make money. Thank you my new morocco friends for the time we spend drinking a nice cup of tea and drawing.

Morning breakfast, after a sketch at 7h30 am and a snickpick of another sketchbook page! I’m really enjoying the time! Today it’s time to move on and go to the mountains, besides de cold weather there is no traffic smoke 🙂

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