So, tomorrow is time for one more small WST Trip. I’m going to Porto, north of Portugal by train again. I tried to contact some Urban Sketchers over there but nothing yet… the worst thing that can happen at this point, it is days later receive a reply saying they only read the mail right now… thats the “problem” i’m getting used to and thats why i’m making contacts with some time before I start WST, there will be always a gap.

The city of Porto is known as the City Invicta. It is the city that gave Portugal’s name – very early (c. 200 BC), when designated for Portus Cale, coming later to become the capital of Portucalense. It is also a city worldwide known for their wine, their bridges and ancient and contemporary architecture, their historical center, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and their football club, the FC Porto.

I’m going there to have a meeting about WST but will talk about that later on. And of course see a friend and have some time sketching! Stay toned and follow my four day mini-trip!

Here are two sketches from my dear Thailand friends, Asnee and Pramote from last summer in Porto. All the best for them, and all thai people with the heavy floods that have taken place there.


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