Peniche has more than Cabo Carvoeiro

If you like to go to the beach, you must be like Peniche Portugal. This town surrounding by the beautiful beaches and well-known for surf spots. They have an annual event for it, called Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Although I really like to go to the beach, I’m not brave enough to swim in here. It’s not because the waves are big, it simply because the water is cold. Haha… This is true! That’s why in Europe or other cold countries, people only walking around, playing football or volleyball, or simply relaxing and sunbathing instead of swimming on the beach. But also, the sun isn’t too harsh and the breeze is fresh – or at least in April.

It’s quite the opposite feeling in Indonesia. The humidity will make us sweating all the time. So, most of the people in my country prefer to stay in the shade or swim rather than enjoy the sun to get tan which obviously Indonesian generally has tanned skin, lol. Plus, this wasn’t my first time came to Peniche Portugal. My first time was in February when Portugal has Carnaval. For me who only seen Carnaval on TV back then, it was amazing! The song and their spirits were contagious that made my body move following the rhythm.

Besides those events, Peniche has gorgeous places to visit such as Cabo Carvoeiro (Cape of Coal). We came here on the day after we visit The Medieval Village Óbidos.

Cabo Carvoeiro is one of the most emblematic points of the Municipality of Peniche and one of the most recognized at the national level. For instance, Luís uploaded his sketch of it on his social media without mentioned where is it, lots of Portuguese guess it easily.

Here, you may find fishermen occupy the cliff. Apart from known for the surf spots, Peniche Portugal, has lots of fishermen too. I heard a story of a local who loves to fish. His devotion to fish made him built his house right on top of the cliff. So, when he woke up, he would fish right away from his room. That was a thing!

So… If you can see a little white house on the right side in the picture above, that house what I was talking about. Also, this scene is one of Luis’s objects in Peniche. He spent 3 hours to sketched this view.

Peniche Portugal

Those local houses remind me Santorini of Greece if they were colorful. it called Bairro do Visconde (Visconde neighbour).

Another thing that excites me in Peniche Portugal was definitely the local ladies doing handmade lace next to the tourism office of Peniche – Thank’s to Center of Portugal for the suggestion! Pssst.., if you don’t get them closer, they look like sitting in front of dead bodies :p

Anyway, they made are lovely laces! I never have seen the tool they are using before. It looks like ‘chicken stick’ a.k.a ‘drumstick’, lol.
The more complicated the lace, the more ‘drumstick’ they need. Later I know it is called French Handmade Wooden Lace Bobbins. And when they are in action, their fingers are dancing! Oh! Most of them are using glasses. So, can you imagine the detailed demand for their work?

Alternatively, you could spend a few days in or around Peniche Portugal. Being on a boat trip to a nature reserve on Berlengas island, visit Peniche museum and fortress, or explore the beaches around, such as Baleal beach, Supertubos beach, etc.

Where to stay

Peniche Portugal definetely has a few nice places to stay. However, Luis and I stayed in Areias do Seixo in Santa Cruz This place indeed is a bit out from Peniche but not that far. The dark brown pallet around the hotel makes it calm and blend with nature, meet with its concept – be disconnected to balance and relax by nature around. Furthermore, they offer experiences that weren’t forgettable for us.

Our favorite was the circle of fire. At the end of the day, we gather around the fire to enjoy some sips of wine and chat with other guests from around the world with a lovely acoustic jam by the owner and their friends. It was simply lovely!

So, in my opinion, if you have your own transportation to go around, I’ll hardly suggest you stay in this lovely hotel. Portugal isn’t a big country after all. Thank me later!

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Anisa Subekti