The Medieval Village Óbidos

Finally, the trip has begun! A month ago I said that I will join Luís to explore the Center of Portugal and I will share my experience during the trip. Without further ado, here we go to The Medieval Village Óbidos.

Óbidos is the first town we visit and this is one of the towns I’m curious to visit. When we were approaching this the medieval wall surrounding town, I automatically fantasising myself with a horse carriage, going inside the castle. Only with that thought, my excitement gets high!

My first impression when I entered the gate was meh…

I heard a beautiful instrumental song and I thought,

“Really? I mean.., they don’t need to put a back sound like in a supermarket right?!?”

Solely, my negative thought completely disappears when I saw what the real thing was happening at the gate. I saw a street artist was playing hand pan. It was such a beautiful sound!

The Medieval Village Óbidos is a very walkable town. It’s so small that you only need an hour to walk on the wall around the whole town, literally, which you can start it just next to the gate. Or you can find other ways inside the town.

To walk on the wall is quite challenging, actually. You know that the medieval wall is always built thick and high, right? But it’s only 1 meter wide and no railway! For sure, people who have altitude phobia, it can be creepy to walk on this wall. I saw some people became a lizard on the wall when I walked toward them waited for me to pass them.

Apart from that, the walk between the houses is quite pleasant. But I will suggest you use your comfortable shoes. Once I saw a woman with high heels, she’s struggling and holding her partner’s arm all the time!

Trying to look good while traveling is good, I don’t against it at all. It’s just, you know.., when you don’t feel comfortable and can’t enjoy the moment, you may miss a lot.

The Medieval Village Óbidos has typical white houses and I think people from here proud of it. Instead of following the trend such as tiles on the wall, they maintain their white walls and their plants around their door and windows.

Can you imagine it when spring comes? The flower will bloom, makes their houses even prettier. Although, when I came the flower hasn’t bloomed yet, there are a lot of things to enjoy such us dark chocolate gate, ginja, and cute cafes.

Ginja is a Portuguese liqueur made by infusing sour cherry in aguardiente and adding sugar together with other ingredients. So, the longer it infused, the stronger it tastes. I would say the taste is similar with muscatel, kinda sweet and sour.

obidos 1 3

Another way to say it Ginjinha. It usually has the same liqueur, but what’s make the difference is only the cup. Ginjinha uses a chocolate cup. No question with the taste! If you wonder why they use a chocolate cup, it because they are well known for their chocolate. That’s why also in one of their gates, they coated it with dark chocolate! Yummy! I imagine myself as Gretel, just right away eat the gate… Hehe.

Obidos Portugal

That picture above showing a guy sniffing the gate, as I did just before him. For chocolate fans, you should come to The Medieval Village Óbidos either at the end of March or early April because they have the chocolate event! This year was held in early April and I missed it. Hiks…

Where to stay

After we walked around, Luis did one sketch as you can see on his Instagram or Facebook, we decided to go to the hotel, Areias do Seixo in Santa Cruz. The Medieval Village Óbidos definetely has a few nice places to stay. However, Luis and I stayed in Areias do Seixo in Santa Cruz This place indeed is a bit out from this town – but not that far. The dark brown pallet around the hotel makes it calm and blend with nature, meet with its concept – be disconnected to balance and relax by nature around. Furthermore, they offer experiences that weren’t forgettable for us.

Areias do Seixo

Our favorite activity was the circle of fire. At the end of the day, we gather around the fire to enjoy some sips of wine and chat with other guests from around the world with a lovely acoustic jam by the owner and their friends. It was simply lovely!

So, in my opinion, if you have your own transportation to go around, I’ll hardly suggest you stay in this lovely hotel. Portugal isn’t a big country after all. Thank me later!

Next, we will explore Peniche. Over there we realised that Peniche has more than Cabo Carvoeiro!

Anisa Subekti
Anisa Subekti

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