Ourem, Portugal

It isn’t all about Ourem, Portugal

When you visit a place, what do you remember the most about it?

Three years ago, Ourem was one of the cute places I visit with Luís during our trip through the Center of Portugal. Yes, it has an important history behind it. Yes, it was a nice place… It’s even one of a photogenic traditional villages in Portugal, in my opinion. But this article isn’t all about Ourem Portugal. What I remember about this place is where we met with our friends again.

Pau and Mathilda were complete strangers to us. It was in Bali, Indonesia when we met them for the first time. It started with a simple question from Pau about the surfboard rack on a motorbike when we refill our gasoline. The next days, they stayed with us for almost a week. Luís would go surf with them during their stay, and we would cook together at the end of the day. They are great guys to hang around.

So, when we had a chance to meet again in Portugal, we were excited! It seems to me that the world becomes so small. And I wonder where we will meet again on the next occasion.

Photogenic traditional village

Besides the sweet memories, what I remember was Ourem, Portugal was a great place to practice my photography skill. From proportion, framing, until lightning. I love how the light came into the castle. The fact that there were not many people around (at least not yet), I could snap a bunch of pictures. All of the photos I took here taken with my old iPhone 6s.

Luís also had a chance to sketch of a cute-little garden here. Click here to see what he did in Center of Portugal so far, and let us know which one is your favorite sketch!!!

Have you been to Ourem, Portugal? Let know what do you think of this place in the comment below!

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