Fatima Portugal

If I said Fátima, what is the first thing across in your mind?

The last daughter of Muhammad SAW?

Or the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima?

Fatima Portugal

Well.., today I won’t tell you about any of them. Not based on the religion nor the famous three shepherds, I want to tell you a little bit about the romance of Fatima Portugal instead.

Some while ago, Luís and I stayed for few days in Luz Houses in Fátima. A boutique hotel has a cute concept and has been open since 2015.

Luz, Fatima Portugal

The Romance of Fatima Portugal

During the stayed, we met and talked with the owner, Pedro. He is a man with a vintage hipster look – suspenders, a big beard, pomaded hair, and all. He is a character. We talked with him not only about work but about everything – Portuguese love to talk anyway. When Pedro started spun the yarn about why this town called Fatima Portugal, I got excited! Because the story turns out has zero relation with Our Lady of Fatima. It’s about The Romance of Fatima Portugal.

As a fantasy admirer, I becoming a sponge and listening carefully. 😀 Legend said that this area was conquered by Iberian Saracens Kingdom (Moors). The Moorish King has a daughter called Fatima.

When reconquest happened, The Moorish’s Princess was kidnapped by a Christian knight. With his comrade, they brought Princess Fatima to Serra de Aire Hills. Since then, this town called Fatima Portugal to commemorate her.

However, Princess Fatima fell in love with the knight, Gonçalo Hermigues!

My mind like.., wow!

Hearing the story, my curiosity piqued. My imagination flew in high gear. I had visions of a romantic scene of her dilemma between her love life and her beliefs. Hmm, wait.., I think I’m exaggerating this time. Haha… :p

Let’s go back to the story… I’m not sure if Princess Fatima was forced or voluntarily to convert to Christianity but there was no proof to support this theory. So, she was baptized and got a Christian name, Oureana. After that, she married the knight, Gonçalo Hermigues, and he gave her a town as a prize after her name which she called Ourém.

Have they lived happily ever after? Let’s take it that way… 😉

Anisa Subekti
Anisa Subekti

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