/ / The Struggle is the search. How to let go off what we feel?

The Struggle is the search. How to let go off what we feel?

A morning coffee never taste so bad. The waiting time never felt so long.
It’s fucked to struggle like this. It’s worst when you feel tired to have the same dilema over and over and you always choose to run.

What is the struggle?

The struggle of keeping running to another places, is a common stage on any long therm lonely traveller. It’s the worst addition he will get and it just gets worst with time and awareness. The mind searches for the amount of challenges that tomorrow can brings, blinding and shrinking any valuable possibility of today emotions. “Living in the present” destroys all the commitment that are not related with his own search. And the tries on change this path, are nothing than a self test to prove that he actually should keep running.

Did you ever felt trapped?

I feel trapped on this road where right or left will always make me feel that I’m loosing something. Turn left and let go for another round of runs or turn right and slow down. Stop for a while. Give that time for myself find out a way to take the water out of that glass that has been always running too full.

One will find difficult to let go and run.
I find hard to stop and stay.

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